DIY Home Decor

Why would someone want DIY home decor when they could just shell out the cash for it? I’m so glad you asked!


Why I “DIY” and you should too:

It’s personal.

  • You can turn almost anything into something special with your own twist. Do you love distressed white dressers, but not your great Aunt’s hand-me-down? Easy: slap on some paint and grab the sandpaper! Did you find the perfect burlap sack, but don’t love the idea of using it to carry potatoes? No problem! Make it into a work of art. I love my DIY home décor because it screams, “ME!”

It’s more affordable.

  • I want a Better Homes and Gardens magazine worthy home on a “free Highlights Magazine from the dentist’s office” budget. The majority of the things I revamp are hand-me-downs; Goodwill finds…you get the idea. When you walk into your favorite home décor store, you look at the prices and automatically assume that these pieces must be high quality to deserve such a price tag. Most of the time, it’s just not true. You have to factor in labor, middle man (who is this “middle man” anyway).  I don’t mind putting in a little elbow grease if it saves me some major bucks!

It’s FUN!

  • I mean, really, who doesn’t like the catharsis and feeling of power that comes along with swinging a hammer or using a staple gun? (insert “Tim the Toolman Taylor” grunt) On a more artistic note, I love being inspired by something I see and think, “I could make that!” When I transform a piece, I’m taken back to 4th grade art class where my eyes were opened to the endless possibilities. If you can envision it, you can create it, and it will have “YOU” written all over it.

Maybe some of you are pro’s at this DIY home decor thing.  But, I’m willing to bet there are also some newbies out there just dipping their toe in the shallow end.  Either way, awesome! I hope we can learn together and inspire one another!

Stay tuned for our first tutorial!



Rubbish Redeemed


Rubbish Redeemed

Hey there and welcome to Rubbish Redeemed. I’m Stephanie. I am an unorganized, always late, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants mama and wife that has been redeemed by the Grace of God.

Staying home with the kids means I’m AT HOME a lot. It is important to me that our home feels cozy, warm and inviting. I don’t know about you, but my “make the home cozy” budget line is pretty small. Most of the decorative items in my home are former Goodwill, yard sale, and/or make shift pieces. I absolutely love taking ordinary, neglected things and making them beautiful.

Where it all began…

I was 22 years old when I got married, and I was super excited to start making our sweet little townhouse into the quaint English cottage that I had clipped out of the Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Being the frugal gal that I am, I ventured back to my parents’ house where half of my belongings still resided. I had a vision. There was a plain Ikea bookcase from my old bedroom that would look great in our living room. I thought I would even paint it a “rustic red” to bring in a pop of color and give it that “cottage feel.”

So, one weekend, my husband was away and I thought it was the perfect time to surprise and “wow” him with my “impeccable sense of style.” So off I went to the paint store. I found the perfect shade and returned to transform my precious bookcase. After a few hours and a few coats of paint, my heart began to sink. This was not at all what I had pictured! That “rustic red masterpiece” I imagined turned out to be a FIRE ENGINE RED bookcase that belonged in a three year old boy’s bedroom. Thankfully, I have a mom who rescues things. I mean really…the type of mom that can find the good in anything…even when it takes some elbow grease. She saw the tears forming in my newlywed eyes and without a word, she grabbed her brown acrylic paint and a dry brush. Next thing I know, my preschool worthy book holder had transformed into an aged, rustic bookcase fit for that old English Cottage.

My mom has taught me a few things about failing the right way. Broken things can be fixed. Ugly things can be painted. Burnt toast can be scraped to perfection. But most importantly, broken people can be made whole in Jesus. Please join me on this journey. Let’s roll up our sleeves and make our homes warm and cozy from the inside out.