Cute Pen Holder From a Tin Can

old bay pen holder


So, this one goes out to all my fellow Marylanders.  I love Old Bay.  When I was pregnant with my son, I craved cucumbers with vinegar and Old Bay.  Although, I may or may not have just licked the Old Bay straight out of my hand, sans cucumber.

Obviously, there are few things better than Maryland crabs dipped in melted butter and smothered in Old Bay Seasoning.  But alas, all good things must come to end…and that includes crab season.  We had a good run this summer, but it’s time to close up shop.

Enter, cute magnetic pen holder.

Even with all the apps that are available for grocery shopping and to-do lists, I’m still partial to the old-fashioned way of writing it out.  I love having a note pad and a pen right on my fridge whenever I think of something I need or something I need to do.  I also enjoy the satisfying feeling that comes with crossing out the items that have been completed.  It’s the little things.

What I Used:

  • Empty Tin Can
  • Magnet
  • Hot Glue Gun (or other adhesive)

What I Did:

  • This can be done with any square tin can.  I really like the Old Bay can because the colors are great, it has a fun retro feel, and it reminds me of home.
  • Either hot glue a magnet you already have, or use adhesive magnets.
  • I had trouble removing the lid, so I just used the main compartment to store my pens.

And done! It’s seriously that easy.

This is cute on the fridge, but could work in a locker or just sitting on a desk in a college dorm.

Enjoy your last few days of summer!


Dorm Room Space Savers

It’s officially August and the “Back to School” countdown has begun.  Ok, maybe not quite yet for everyone, but college students for sure.  There’s something exciting about a dorm room.  It’s the first taste of what it’s like to live on your own.  On the flip side, it’s pretty small and you have to share it.  So, to keep everyone happy, it’s important to keep your stuff in order.  So here are just a few dorm room space savers to try:

1. Over the Door Shoe Organizer with Clear Pockets  

  • I’m a huge fan of these organizers.  They are cheap and can be used for a number of different things.  We use one on the back of our bathroom door for any and all toiletries, hair tools, lotions….and anything else you might need in a bathroom.  It keeps our counters clear which makes me happy. For the dorm room, it can be used for cleaning supplies, pens, jewelry, hair ties, bobby pins, snacks…and of course, shoes.

2. Multifunctional Furniture Pieces

There is only so much room, so make your furniture do double duty.

  • For example, use a chair as a nightstand.  This will allow you to have an extra seat when you need it.
  • Also, if you have room for a coffee table, use one that could offer you storage as well.

3. Laundry Bag Instead of a Hamper

  • This is kind of a no brainer.  Laundry bags can fold, squish, and hang. While hampers just take up space. Enough said.

4. Put Your Bed On Risers

  • Under-the-bed storage bins are fantastic.  Just add a bed skirt and you are good to go.

5. Add a Tension Rod in the Closet

  • If it fits, add a small one in the window as well.  If you add shower hooks you can hang scarves, purses, small baskets, etc.


These are all ideas you could also use if you are tight on space, or just want more ideas on how to get organized.

Good Luck to all you college newbies! It is a wonderful season of spreading your wings. Be wise and learn all you can!

Have a great week!