Americana Decor Chalk Paint Review

Let’s be honest, chalk paint is pretty amazing.  No sanding, no priming, beautiful finish, the list goes on.  If you haven’t worked with it yet and you are interested in redoing some of your own pieces, I highly recommend giving it a try.  It is great for beginners and pros alike.  It’s probably not news to anyone who’s heard of chalk paint, that Annie Sloan is the frontrunner in this particular field; and for good reason!  She was a pioneer in the development of this wonderful stuff, and her colors are extensive and beautiful to boot! But, now that chalk paint is taking the world by storm, several other companies have popped up, trying their hand at this chalky business.  One in particular that peaked my interest was Americana Decor’s chalky finish paint.  Today I’m giving you my Americana Decor Chalk Paint review.

What I thought:

Coverage:  The coverage was on par with other chalk paints I’ve used.  Two coats are needed, but the second coat can be thinned with water without affecting coverage.

Colors:  Good amount of color options.  There are several neutral and bright color options.  The colors can also be mixed to create custom colors.

Finish:  As with other chalk paints, this one left a beautiful matte finish.  It did, however leave more brush marks than Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Cost:  Americana Decor is a little cheaper than Annie Sloan.

  • Americana – 8 oz – $9
  • Annie – 4 oz – $12
  • Americana – 16 oz – $16
  • Annie – 32 oz – $35

The 8oz pot of Americana paint is a deal because that’s all I need for a small project like an end table.  An added bonus is that Americana Decor offers a 2 oz bottle for $2.50.  I love the small bottles for stenciling, graphic transfers, and even for a small piece, like a stool.

Convenience:  You can buy this stuff at your local Michael’s, Joann’s or Home Depot! I love this aspect because the closest Annie Sloan stockist is a 30 minute drive for me.  Now, there are definite benefits of visiting your local stockist.  They are a wealth of knowledge on all things chalk paint and beyond. However, if you just want to pick up some paint for a quick weekend project, you should definitely give this paint a try.  Disclaimer: Your local craft store only carries a handful of colors, the full range of colors can be purchased on amazon.

Here is how my piece turned out:

americana Chalky Finish Paint Review


Paint Color: Yesteryear

Graphic Bird Detail: Everlasting

Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint Review

I am still loyal to Annie Sloan, but this paint is legit, and it expands my options.  Let me know if you give it try, and what you thought!

Have a great week everyone!



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    • Stephanie says:

      Yes you can! Actually, it’s recommended that if you are painting raw wood and the grain is bleeding through, you can use shellac first, and then follow with Chalk Paint. I believe if you are using acrylic paint, you would need to sand first though.

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