Antique shopping on a budget

There is a certain thrill I get from getting a crazy good deal on something I love.  But, that opportunity does not present itself everyday.  I have been into countless antique shops, thrift stores and flea markets searching and digging, only to leave empty handed.  However, every once in a while, I stumble into something truly special.  That happened to me this past weekend.

I, along with my sweet sisters and cousins, ventured to an outdoor treasure trove of antiques, salvage, and all around cuteness. If you are in the Frederick, MD area, I highly recommend checking it out. It would be easy to spend a fortune at a place like this, but you really don’t have to. I want to show you a few inexpensive things that stuck out to me, and hopefully it will give you some ideas about how to go antique shopping on a budget.

Architectural Salvage

antiques 2

antiques 3

  • The best way to save money when hunting for treasures is to think outside the box.  Try asking yourself, “How could I repurpose this?” Chances are, most people look at architectural/wood salvage and think, “that’s cool, but what in the world would I do with it?” Let me give you an example: In the photos above, the square piece could be used to hold a pillar candle on your coffee table, or hung on a gallery wall to add texture, and the porch pillar would look stunning standing on a mantle.

Vintage Blocks

antiques 1

  • These would be precious in a nursery.  You could spell out a child’s name, or perhaps spell something like, “sweet dreams.”  Best of all, it would make a great, inexpensive baby shower gift.


antiques 4

  • Look at these keys! Why are old skeleton keys so charming? I just love them. If you are into funky jewelry, you could add a chain and have a fun necklace. This would also be a great addition to that gallery wall: just hang it on a hook and it’ll add some whimsy amidst your pictures.


antiques 5

  • Changing out your hardware can add so much character. These knobs are fun and kinda quirky, so choose a piece with only a few knobs to replace to keep it tasteful, and of course, cost effective.


antiques 6

  • We were in a small car that day, so I knew if I fell in love with something, it had to be able fit on my lap. This is what I ended up purchasing for under $5. I’ve been wanting to do some sort of world map art, and I found exactly what I wanted for a great price.  You could easily frame these, or mod podge onto wood or canvas.  I’ll keep you posted on what I end up doing.

Vintage Fan

antiques 7

  • I was very close to snatching this guy up for $8. Not so cute at the moment, but with a can of spray paint, it could be darling.


I would say, the best part of exploring this place was spending time with special people, and getting totally inspired…together!  So grab a sister, mom, friend, or random stranger, and go get inspired…and you might just find a treasure for a steal of a deal!

Have a great week!



  1. Wendy says:

    The KEYS!!! 🙂 And the knobs! Oh, and the maps! Wait, that fan would be adorable painted red….!!!!

    This new “vintage” phase I am in could get very dangerous, very quickly! 🙂 I see a road trip to Frederick very soon!

    Glad you had a fun weekend, Stephanie!

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