Decorating with String Lights

I love the glow our Christmas tree gives to our living room.  Even during the daytime, it adds such a cheery touch of ambiance that I’m so sad to see go come January.  That’s why I am a big fan of decorating with string lights year round. So while you have your christmas lights out and untangled, why not put some in places that could hang around a little longer after the Christmas season has come and gone.

Here are some ways I like to use them around the house year round:

patio string lights


kitchen lights

These decorative patio string lights add a ton of charm.  I have these hanging above our dining table.  Every night when the table is set for dinner, all other lights are turned off, and these babies are turned on.  We are transported to a lovely cafe in the south of France.

Some quick tips for hanging these:

1.  Remove the bulbs while you are hanging…they are very delicate.

2.  I used curtain rod brackets to attach them to the wall:  nail the brackets into a stud and then grab some floral wire to attach the string to the brackets.  I’ll be honest, it’s not a science, just get it to stay put.  Once they are up there they won’t be touched.

picture lights

This is a really fast and easy way to add some glow to your room and to highlight a piece of art that you love.  This burlap art is made with canvas, so I used thumb tacs between the cords on the light strand to hold them in place.  Just be careful not to puncture the actual cord.

jar lights


wood lights 2

wood lights 1

I love putting string lights into unexpected things.  Mason jars, lanterns, flower vases, baskets and old bird cages are all great options for this.  Use what you already have, or go check out your local Goodwill for inspiration.

There are a ton of other ways you can add this glowy charm to your abode.  Just start experimenting and figure out what works of you.  Try draping a strand along your mantel or across the top of an upright piano.  Have fun with it!  This is the time of year you can pretty much get away with anything, and who knows, you might find something that works year round!


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