DIY Burlap Wall Art

Sometimes you just fall in love with something.  When this happens to me, my first thought always goes to, “what could i do with this?”  This adorable potato sack was that something for me.  I mean, look at it…it even has a windmill! Enter, DIY burlap wall art.

burlap sack art tutorial

I found this vintage burlap sack at an antique show for $10.  If you don’t have any cute potato sacks lying around, Check this one and these out!  Or, you could keep it simple, and use something you already have; a beautiful scrap piece of fabric leftover from another project, a fun t-shirt for a child’s room, or how about that quilt in the closet that’s not getting any love? The possibilities are endless.  Here’s an example of another one I put together with a different look:

burlap sack art VA


  • Fabric
  • Staple Gun
  • Scissors
  • Canvas (with wood frame)
  • Upholstery Tacks (you can find these at your local craft store or Walmart)
  • Hammer


burlap cutting

  • Cut your fabric to the size of your canvas with about 2-3″ extra on every side.

burlap stretching

  • Straighten the fabric so the graphic is centered how you like it.
  • Pull tight and carefully flip the whole thing over so you don’t lose your centered graphic.

burlap staple

  • Staple the four corners, then flip back over to make sure it’s how you like it.
  • If everything looks good, continue stapling along all edges, pulling the fabric tight as you go.

burlap tacks

  • Nail upholstery tacks into place.

 A Few Tips:

  • After each staple is in place, I like to check that the alignment is still straight.  There’s nothing worse than stapling the whole thing, and then realizing it’s crooked.
  • You could use a number of different things as a frame for this, but I love the depth that a painter’s wood framed canvas gives. I get mine at Michael’s because of their wonderful 40% off coupons. Never, I repeat…NEVER go to Michael’s without your 40% off coupon. Download the app, it will always be with you!
  • Measure your burlap before you go, or better yet, just take it with you. Figure out which size works best (make sure to leave a few extra inches of fabric to wrap around all sides of the canvas).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter! He is Risen!



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