DIY Fall Centerpieces


One of the things I love most about fall decor is that it can be rustic and natural, but not look like you got it out of your backyard….even if you did!

I like to sort through what I already have when decorating for fall.  It’s way more fun shopping in your own home than shelling out cash for decor that will only be around for two months out of the year.  Just add some outside elements and you’ve got yourself some magazine worthy decor for free!

fall centerpieces


So, this first centerpiece is great for a kitchen table or even a coffee table as long as you don’t have small children…I’ve made that mistake before!

fall centerpiece 3

Let’s break down the basic elements:

fall centerpiece 4

  1. Basket – I love this basket for so many reasons.  It’s simple, rustic and aged.  It was holding our mail, but it is the perfect size for this centerpiece.
  2. Fabric – Using fabric in your centerpiece adds texture and warmth.  This is one of my favorite tablecloths folded with a couple corners hanging over the sides.  This tablecloth pulled double duty because it filled the basket to give the other elements lots of height.  Otherwise, everything would hide in the bottom of the basket.
  3. Tiny Basket – Do you remember my basket of river rocks?  I decided to repurpose it for a couple months.  It’s quite small, and I didn’t want it to disappear, so I added something underneath for some additional height.  Any ideas what I used? A magic eraser. It was the perfect size!
  4. Acorns – You may have an oak tree in your yard that provides you with hundreds of adorable acorns each fall.  If so, grab em up! I don’t, but found some at my kids’ T-Ball field.  Keep your eyes open when you are outside.  You never know what you may stumble upon.
  5. Candle – Any candle will do, but as you probably saw in my previous post, I have some favorites that I like to use.  My candle is a beautiful pumpkin orange.  I tied some twine around the top to add a bit of fall-ish whimsy.
  6. Foliage – I borrowed some berries and faux green hydrangea out of a bouquet I had saved from my sister’s wedding last year. If you don’t have an old bouquet lying around, you could easily use mums from your garden, or even sticks.  Use it to fill in the holes around your bigger elements.
  7. Pumpkin – This will probably surprise you, but I don’t actually have a pumpkin patch in my backyard.  So, I had to break down and buy this cutie for 69 cents at the grocery store.  I kinda feel like it was worth it though!

These next two photos were taken of the centerpieces at our wedding.  We were married on a gorgeous day in October, and the fall colors were plentiful.

fall centerpiece 1

I love the base of this centerpiece.  It’s a lid from a crab basket! Only in Maryland.

It also has lots of grassy foliage and an unraveled grapevine.  Simple and beautiful.

fall centerpiece 2

That bright, orange pumpkin makes me smile.  There are really no rules when it comes to making a fall centerpiece.  Keep it cheap and go wild!

I have to share one more centerpiece.  This shows how much our little kiddos are watching and learning from us.  After I finished my centerpiece, my five-year-old daughter put this one together.

selah centerpiece

It is humbling realizing God has given me the underserved gift of parenting my sweet little girl. These moments are precious.

Have a lovely week!




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