Fall Party Idea – Lumberjack Style!



Fall parties are the best.  The more rugged the better, in my opinion.

Do you have anyone in your life that can take scraps, odds and ends, and turn them into something magical? Because..I have about 4 of those types of people in mine.  My mom and her three sisters amaze me with what they can dream up with minimal resources.

My brother turned 18 last week, and all he asked for was to be outside with his friends by a campfire.  What was birthed from there was a party fit for teens and family alike – lumberjack style!  There were beards, axes, flapjacks and flannel.


In lieu of presents, guests were asked to bring a piece of wood.  I love that! It set the tone of the gathering, and I’m sure the teenage boys were relieved to not have to pick out a gift.



The dutch oven hung over the campfire was a great touch.  It was hanging from a campfire tripod.  I’m not sure if it was actually filled with anything, but hot apple cider would be perfect!


As soon as all the guests arrived and were socializing in soccer chairs, hammocks, and mats on the ground, flapjacks were served.  Such an easy and fun appetizer.

Shortly after, they were ready to dig into some “real food.”


Nothin’ like eating straight off the grill!



The cleaver stuck in the wood board adds to the theme, and is oh so manly.



As you can see, flannel from the fabric store makes a lovely table cloth, and an old metal truck is the perfect holder for “firewood”…I mean pretzels.


No 18th birthday party is complete without a fun backdrop for photos and selfies. Cardboard trees covered in felt, log fabric, and woodsy decor did the trick.  lumberjack5

And of course, you can’t take your selfie without a paper beard and fur hat! Having a box full of props brings out the “silly,” which is great for getting guests to relax and have fun.


To end the evening, they all enjoyed a wood stump cake.  This is 6 layers of cakey goodness covered in chocolate.  I’m not sure I could pull this one off on my own, but it’s adorable nonetheless.

Hopefully this sparked some ideas for any fall gatherings you might be planning.  If at all possible, keep it outdoors!  Don’t worry about how your house looks.  Just light a fire, roast some marshmallows, and enjoy the crisp air with good food and even better friends.

Have a great week!





  1. Lori says:

    Love this Steph! Glad you got pictures! Oh and don’t forget where the Robison girls got their talents from—Omie! Great ideas, thank you ????

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