How to Refresh Your Home the Cheap Way

I’ve been married and decorating my own space for almost 7 years now, and I’m amazed how much my personal style, and what’s “in style” has evolved in that short amount of time. My space doesn’t need a complete overhaul, but rather, some refreshing. So, here are some of my ideas on how to refresh your home the cheap way:

  • Spray paint your curtain rods
    • Black is classic and will go with any decor. However, if you are feeling trendy, gold is really in right now.  Check these cool rods out.
  • Lighten up your walls by changing to a neutral color
    •  This is a great update because once you do it, you can probably leave it for decades to come.  Neutrals are never out.  My absolute favorite neutral wall color is “Navajo White” by Sherwin Williams. Check it out here.
  • Rearrange furniture to create conversation areas
    • Instead of having the focus on the TV, allow furniture placement to encourage face-to-face time. Click here for ideas.
  • Less is more when it comes to decor accessories
    •  Pick only your favorites to display in your space. If you are having trouble parting with some of your precious pieces, read my post about How To Get Rid of Your Stuff.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match
    •  Eclectic is in.  This is great news for the DIY enthusiast because it’s inexpensive, and you can make it your own. A few rules to pull this off:
      • Try to stay in the same genre.  For example, 2 end tables that are different, but are both modern, cottage, or mid-century in style.
      • Stay in the same color palette. Do you have hand-me-down night stands with mismatch wood tones? Paint them both the same color. It’s a great way to tie your room together without breaking the bank. Check out this post for some beautiful examples.
      • Be cautious when mixing patterns.  In general, the simpler the better.
  • Consider open shelving
    • This is a beautiful and practical update to make.  Here are some examples.
    • If you don’t want to go to the hassle of installing shelves, try removing the doors on a hutch. I love this hutch makeover.
  • Switch out your colored dishes for white ones
    • This mainly applies when you are displaying them on your open shelving. I filled my hutch with all white dishes from the dollar store. They are perfect for the look I was going for.

Have you refreshed your decor lately? I’d love to hear your ideas.

We have been having a wonderful vacation, and look forward to a few more days of relaxation before heading back into the pace of real life.  It has been a great time of rest and bonding as a family.

Take some time for yourself and your loved ones this week!


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