Introducing, Friday Finds

There are so many times that I am out and about and I just get inspired by something.  Different things from different places peaks my interest: sometimes it’s at a thrift store, other times it’s on Pinterest.  I want to share these things with you without the need for a big, LONG post about it. Therefore, enter…”Friday Finds!”  It won’t necessarily be every Friday, but when I come across some awesome finds, or even deals, I will try to compile them into a “Friday Finds” post. Obviously, today is not Friday, but I wanted to give you all a heads up so you can check back on Fridays to see if there are some “finds” you might be interested in. So here we go!

  • I have a weakness for a fresh watermelon slush, and this recipe looks perfect in its’     simplicity.
  • This all white bedroom nook is positively dreamy.
  • Frozen gluten free pepperoni pizza from ALDI…because sometimes you need something with zero nutritional value.
  • I love this list of summertime hacks.
  • This week, I was at Target in the dollar section, and I saw this adorable, beachy, glass votive.  At $3, this is a total steal.  I’m thinking it would be cute sitting on the back patio table, holding a citronella candle, or used as a vase for fresh flowers.

glass votive

Did you make any fun discoveries in the past week?  Comment if you saw something noteworthy.  I’d love to know what inspired you!

We are on vacation the next couple of weeks, so posts might be light.  Hoping I come back refreshed and ready for some more DIY goodness!

Have a great week!


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