Keeping It Simple: How to Get Rid of Your Stuff

I was putting the kids’ winter clothes away…finally…and guess what? I was totally energized to not only put my own winter clothes away, but to also fill 4 trash bags with clothes to give away.  It became addictive.

Early on in our marriage, my husband and I got rid of everything we owned besides our bed, 2 night stands, and our clothes.  We were moving into my parents’ converted two car garage with our 4-month-old to save money to buy a house.  We were there for a year and absolutely loved being free from all our stuff.

On one hand, I crave simplicity, but on the other hand, I like to salvage things.  I think I’m still learning how to reconcile the two.  For now, I’m going to try to live by a few rules to help me keep it all in check.  These apply to my wardrobe, kids’ toys, salvaged items, kitchen tools, etc.

how to get rid of your stuff

5 Reasons to Get Rid of Something

1. Haven’t used it in a year

If you haven’t used that “pallet that you found on the side of the road” (because you saw an awesome idea on pinterest) in a year, it’s time to let it go.  I’ve been there.  This also applies to clothing.  Before my latest purge, I had clothes from high school still hangin’ out in my closet.  It was time.

2. Hanging on to it “just in case”

I’m a thrifty person, so naturally, I have a hard time getting rid of things because I fear that one day I might need it.  I’m now realizing that even if I do need it in 3 years, there is no way I’m ever gonna remember where it is.  If you don’t need it now, like in the next 12 months, move it on out!

3. “I don’t like it, but someone special gave it to me”

My mom has really helped me with this one.  I can be very sentimental, which makes it hard to let go of something, even if I hate it, if someone I love gave it to me.  My mom reminds me that it’s the person that is special, not the object.

4. Having more than one

Do you really need more than one salad bowl? Do you need more than one pair of dressy black heels…that don’t get worn anyway because you spend all your time chasing kids? oh wait, that one was for me. Enough said.

5. “I’ve always had it”

For some reason, stuff gets hard to part with simply because we’ve always had it.  Give yourself permission to let go.


Once you start a habit of purging the extras, you might just get hooked.

Fill a trash bag this week!



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