Simple Trimming for Your Tree

Growing up, decorating for Christmas meant a day of consisting of: searching for a tree at the muddy Christmas tree farm, eating homemade soft pretzels, digging through handmade ornaments, and watching a classic Christmas movie by the light of the tree.

My favorite part, however, was getting all the boxes of decorations out of the attic.  I would hold my breath as my mom would climb the rickety ladder that seemed like it could split right in half at any moment.  An assembly line would then form, usually including my dad and older brother.  We would pass along box after box labeled “Christmas.”  Even though the boxes were a simple brown on the outside, I knew there were treasures on the inside: ornaments, lights, nativity sets, nutcrackers, santa, snowmen, and the like.

The best box was the biggest yet lightest of them all.  It was a giant box of dried baby’s breath.  I don’t exactly know when or where my mom acquired all of that baby’s breath, but I loved it.  It was tradition.


I still love adding this element to our tree.  It’s snowlike appearance is simple and beautiful.  I especially love the antique color it gets when dried.  It’s also handy when needing to fill in all the sparse places the tree might have.


Do you have any special traditions when decorating for Christmas?

Happy Trimming!



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