The Beauty in Getting Your Hands Dirty

My Grandmother is like no other woman I’ve met.  She is a Texan through and through.  She’s ridden bareback through the desert, killed rattlesnakes, and dug up too many Indian arrowheads to count.  She is one of the hardest workers I’ve seen, and generous beyond my comprehension.



One thing I love about my Grandmother is that she is one of the people who inspired me early on to find beauty in things that didn’t seem beautiful at first.  She can find a use for almost anything.  Here is a picture from her garden. Yes, that is an old smoker holding those lovely plants. It was my grandfather’s.

smoker garden

The past few times I have visited, I have been totally inspired by her work ethic.  She literally does not sit down.  If you change your clothes, you’d better believe it’s gonna be washed, folded, and sitting on your bed in 2 hours.  And dirty dishes?  They don’t stand a chance!

I don’t think I have ever appreciated how hard of a worker she is until the last few years. Now that I have my own dishes and my own house, I understand the sacrifice she makes…and know it’s done out of love.  I’m thankful that I’ve had to get my hands dirty because it helps me see others who get theirs even dirtier.

There is something beautiful about those who sacrifice themselves for the good of others out of love.  It’s sometimes hard to put your finger on when you see them.  It’s like a radiance.  An inner beauty that overtakes the person.  I think some of the most beautiful women I have met have been significantly older than me.  They have persevered through years of sacrifice. There’s no amount of makeup, exercise, or youth that can create that in someone.

So here I am. Sitting late at night, with a sink full of dishes, and thinking about tomorrow’s mountains I’m gonna have to climb.  Thankfully, I really believe it’s all worth it.  Staying at home with my precious kids means there’s always a mess to clean up, but it also means that I have my dream job.

I don’t deserve it.

I pray I become half as sacrificial and beautiful as my grandmother.

Have a lovely week.






  1. Wendy says:

    This is beautiful! I have a few of these wonderful examples in my life, too, and would love to be just a little bit like them. Beautifully written, Stephanie!

  2. Jen Evans says:

    Beautiful thoughts, Stephanie. I love that you see beauty and value everywhere, even in the dirtiest of moments. You’re right, being home with the kids does feel like a chore sometimes but also I share your sentiment, it’s a dream job! I try to remind myself of that often when it feel like work. Thank you for the reminder. <3

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