The Best Fall Scented Candles

It’s fall ya’ll! There is just nothing like crisp leaves, sweaters, fall festivals, and pumpkin everything!

I would say my favorite thing has to be the amazing smells.  I’m not the best baker, but I’ll whip up some homemade banana bread just for how wonderful it smells cooking in the oven.  I’m also oddly drawn to those stick brooms you see at the grocery store that seem to be doused in cinnamon.

I have been slacking on my fall decor so far this year, but it’s amazing what a candle can do.  For this reason, I thought I’d share my favorites for this cozy season.


fall candles

Here are my top 3:

1.  Cinnamon Stick – Village Candle

This candle gives you that true fall experience.  It smells natural and fills the whole room with a spicy scent.

2.  Apple Cinnamon – Glade

This inexpensive candle is great for when you want something to freshen up a smaller room, like a bathroom.  Just remove the sticker, and no one will know you only spent 3 bucks on it!

3.  Orange Cinnamon – Village Candle

This has to be my all time favorite.  It is great for fall, but is mild enough for year round use.  I am picky about my scents, especially in the kitchen.  They can’t be too floral, or compete with whatever I am cooking.  This one does the trick.  Even my husband asked me to buy another one after we burned our last one down to the bottom!

fall candle

If you haven’t tried the Village Candle brand yet, I highly recommend it.  I prefer it over Yankee Candle, and my local Giant grocery store carries a good selection of them.

Make your home smell amazing this week!




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