The Launch Pad

We’ve all seen the beautiful mud rooms and front entryways on Pinterest, where everyone’s everything is neatly organized and still amazingly stylish.  Unfortunately, that “pin” has yet to become a reality in my home.  Until it does, this will do just fine.

launch pad2

I have never been an “on time” kinda person.  Despite all my mother’s efforts of teaching me to use an alarm clock, setting the timer at breakfast, and planning ahead, I still have become “that mom.” Wet hair and all.

But, I’m getting better.

One thing my momma implemented when I was a wee young thing, was the “Launch Pad.”  This was a chair that held everything I needed to get out the door.  We would make sure it was ready to go the night before.  She would add my freshly packed lunchbox in the morning.

After school, I would drop my backpack, shoes, jacket, etc. there so that it wasn’t a mad dash the next morning to find all my things as I was running out the door.  As I grew, the contents would vary.  In middle school, my instrument was added on band days, and three times a week, my gym clothes would be folded neatly next to my backpack.

I never needed to ask my mom, “hey mom, where’s my….?” I always knew to check the launch pad first.

So now I’m a momma, trying desperately to be better at getting out the door on time.  Tomorrow is our first day of our homeschool co-op, so it seems appropriate to post this as an encouragement to myself to get it together!  Now it’s not just me needing to be on time, it’s my kids too!

So, I think we will be implementing the launch pad for them…and for me too.

Happy Back to School Everyone!!


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