Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring cleaning sounds great, but it can also be overwhelming.  I think it looks different for everyone.  We all have our own routines and standards when it comes to cleaning our homes.  For me, as long as the kitchen sink is empty and the counters are wiped down, the whole house feels clean.  I think it’s time to raise the bar…at least once a year.

Let’s get started…

1.   Open the windows.  ok, duh.  Honestly though, there is truly nothing like fresh air on a sunny spring day.  If you are like me, take your allergy meds and leave those babies open all day.

2.   Rearrange your furniture.  I am never more motivated to vacuum, than after I move a large piece of furniture.  The things that accumulate under a sofa, for instance, can be down right appalling.  Changing your furniture layout can also freshen up your perspective on that particular room; and when that happens, I am much more motivated to keep it neat and tidy.

3.  Box up your winter clothes and decor.  Put away all those big fluffy blankets…ok, maybe leave one or two out to snuggle up with on the couch.

4.  Clean out your fridge.  I’m talking about all the dressings, sauces, leftovers and whatever else is hiding in there.  When you’re done, wipe down all the flat surfaces.  You will be so happy you did.

5.  If you are the “deep clean kind,” give yourself a month for each room.

  • 1st weekDeclutter (sort through and give away anything you no longer need)
  • 2nd weekOrganize (for more detail, keep reading)
  • 3rd weekVacuum under large pieces of furniture and Dust
  • 4th weekWash baseboards and walls

 Let’s get into some practical ways to declutter and organize:

I enlisted some help in coming up with some simple ideas to declutter, organize, and freshen up for spring!

My mom is pretty inspiring when it comes to cleaning.  She’s not a “scrub every inch” kind of person, but a more “make it organized and functional so you don’t have to spend all your time cleaning” kind of person.

Here are some of the tips she’s given me:

“The biggest issue with cleaning is having too much stuff. Less is more.”

What’s the solution?

Define It and Confine It

Define –

In each Room, ask yourself these questions…

  • What belongs here?
  • What do I do here?
  • Why is this here?
  • How long has it been since I’ve used it?
  • Do I need more than one?
  • Why am I keeping this?
  • Can I give away the thing I don’t love and keep the love of the person who gave it to me?  (this one has helped me time after time when I have felt guilt about getting rid of something that someone I care about gave me)

Confine –

Once you decide what belongs and what does not belong in each room, it’s time to confine it.

This is where you are going to utilize things you already have.

  • Ice cube trays –  in a drawer for earrings, beads, eyeshadows, etc…
  • Ziploc bags – for puzzles, batteries, crayons…
  • Drawer dedicated to “memories.” There’s no way I can keep every masterpiece my precious children create. Make a goal to keep one thing a month per family member, and chuck the rest.  Keep those extra special works of art, letters, etc. in a dedicated memory drawer.  Ours is in the hutch in our kitchen.
  • Over the Door Shoe Oragnizer – I cannot say enough about this one.  My mom introduced me to a shoe organizer on the back of my bathroom door.  Amazing.  If you don’t already own one, I highly recommend getting one with clear pockets. You can find one here. We use it for Qtips, hairspray, deodorant, toothbrush, perfume, curling iron, lotion, razor, etc…
  • Shoe boxes – for legos; doll clothes and accessories, medicine, etc.
    • Use multiple boxes to sort medicine. Label them:
      •   Sinus and Allergy
      •   Digestive
      •   Pain Relief
      •   First Aid
      •   Vitamins

If you are interested in learning more about organizing and decluttering, my momma has recommended “Confessions of an Organized Housewife” by Denice Shoefield.  An oldie but goodie.

Let’s get to work.

Happy Spring Everyone!!





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