Upcycled Sweater Ideas

You know that sweater that’s hanging in your closet right now that just doesn’t “do it” for you anymore? We all have at least one.  Either it’s out of style, doesn’t fit right, or you’ve just realized you shouldn’t be wearing clothes from high school…even if it still fits!  But, for whatever reason, you just can’t part with it.  Here are some of my upcycled sweater ideas to help you move on.

4 ways to upcycle an old sweater

The Candle Cozy

diy candle cozy

Seriously, this couldn’t be easier.

  • Cut off the end of one sleeve, and pull your candle through.  Done.

Utensil Holder

diy sweater utensil holder

I love this utensil holder made from an old Quaker Oats can.

  • Take an empty oatmeal can and remove the label
  • cut your sweater fabric to size, and hot glue it on there!

I have been using an oatmeal can to hold my utensils for 3 years now.  Those Quaker Oat cans are no joke!

 Teapot Cozy

teapot cozy

I didn’t know teapot cozies existed until my aunt showed me one she has from England. I still don’t exactly know their purpose besides looking adorable.  Quick tip: use this on your teapot, not the kettle that goes on the stove.  I don’t think sweater and burner go well together.

  • This project is for you if your sweater sleeve is large enough to stretch over the teapot.
  • Cut a hole for the spout, and hot glue some mismatched buttons for major cuteness.

The Sweater Pillow

sweater pillow

1. If you have a sewing machine, and don’t mind lugging it out from wherever it’s hibernating, by all means, use it. If you prefer a no sew method, use iron on hemming tape instead.

  • If you have a throw pillow to cover, measure out two equal squares/rectangles that are about 1.5″ longer than your pillow on all sides.
  • Sew (or use hemming tape) the two pieces together inside out (the parts of the fabric you want to show should be facing one another), leaving enough room to squeeze in your pillow.
  • Turn right side out, stuff pillow, and finish sewing the last seam.

Have fun!


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